[Rhythmbox-devel] DACP in Rhythmbox: Weekly Report 5

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay.

- What have I done this week?

Not much, I had an exam thursday that was going to happen on tuesday,
so I spent monday studying, when I arrived at the classroom the test
was re-scheduled to thursday, so I spent wednesday studying again.
My mentor sent a list of things to fix and improve, I tried to cover
each one of them. Since friday I´ve been improving the API and the
pairing UI. I now search for a DACP source directly on the Source
List, so I don´t need an extra pointer inside libdmapsharing. This is
useful to let the DACP Source (actually the pairing UI) to live after
the Remote goes away, so the user pairs the Remote and a message
appears that the Remote was paired and Rhythmbox can be controlled by
the Remote. Just a little touch that improves usuability and also
improves the API (I never liked the way the extra user data was
So, after hunting down lots of bugs from my mentor´s changes and this
last task, it is stable again, so I can continue on implementing the
DACP protocol.

- What will I do next week?

My priority is to fix the crash that is hapenning just after the
remote is paired. My mentor comented on the code that is crashing, so
I now need to investigate the difference between DAAP and DACP filter

- Was my planning accurate?

Not really, I thought I would spend less time studying, but my tests
are now over, even if I´m still not on vacation.

- Cool things

Actually a sad thing, Anjuta is crashing too much for me. The
auto-completion feature crashes a lot of times and I sometimes lose
some work. I´m using GEdit most of times now.

Bye, until next week.

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