Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox And Vala - Questions:

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 6:52 AM, Sean McNamara <smcnam gmail com> wrote:

To elaborate: my favored method would be to keep the linkage of
plugins completely separate from the core. So you would have a shared
library, librhythmbox-plugins (or something like that), which contains
RBPlugin and related classes, plus a carefully determined exposure of
the rb-core internals. If necessary, we could bump the plugin API
unfortunately a case of open source laziness, where I did just enough
hacking on the bindings to get them to work with software I was
developing to consume them. Now, I'm glad I didn't bind the entire
rb-core, because your automatic generation probably does a better job
of that than I ever could.

Auto-generation sounds like the way forward, as far as Vala bindings
in general. As long as everything we need is a GObject, introspection
should reliably give us what we need. If vapigen is not working for
you yet, I say give it time, and wait until it is generally useful
without many hacks. It is still in heavy development, so it may not be
an ideal tool until ptitjes or others improve it.

The Rhythmbox plugins were a port of the gedit plugin system, couldn't we just not move Rhythmbox to use libpeas, like it was done for Totem?  I was under the assumption that libpeas can do all this stuff already.  I think we'll be able to add _javascript_ to the list of plugin languages Rhythmbox can support.  That makes rhythmbox extensions available for gnome-shell.

For those not familiar with libpeas, feel free to read:


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