[Rhythmbox-devel] Improved last.fm plugin: weekly report 3

Hey, i'm posting a bit early this week as i'm going to a music
festival this weekend and will be in a field without internet :).

This week i've been planning alot. Working out the best method to send
requests to last.fm and to parse them. I've decided to ask for json
responses as they will be simpler to parse than xml. I think i've
decided upon a sensible architecture for making requests: finding the
right balance between no abstraction at all and a full blown last.fm
wrapper library.

In terms of actual coding this week I abstracted away all the last.fm
specific strings, so now it really should be very simple to implement
libre.fm support.
Next week i'm going to finish off the profile view. That means
implementing the functions to request data from last.fm, and
implementing the UI to present this data.

Looking back to last week, I succeeded in achieving what I planned to
do. I've decided upon a sensible architecture, so I will be able to
spend next week implementing it.


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