Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rythmbox GUI Rework

On 06/06/10 04:47, Sean McNamara wrote:
> Another really interesting possibility would be to rewrite the
> Rhythmbox core in Vala, like some folks did with the Cheese program.

Yeah, I've wondered about doing this too, although I was thinking of
using Python. Having a native librhythmbox backend with language
bindings that are used by a high-level language for the UI would make UI
hacking much easier, while keeping people happy about performance and
efficiency of the backend.

Having a clear split like that might make hacking on the backend seem a
bit less scary, too. I'd like to see support for albums as first-class
database constructs, but I've never really bothered looking into due to
the (imagined) complexity of it.


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