Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox: Improved Plugin Weekly Report 9

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 8:58 AM, Jamie Nicol <jamie thenicols net> wrote:
>      * I implemented radio streaming using the old radio API. This will
>        mean that you wont have to be a paid subscriber to
>        stream radio (you do have to be when using the new API). The
>        problem with this is that it needs a password to connect, and
>        since we're using the new authentication protocol Rhythmbox will
>        not know your password. So...

I've been following this plugin since I first heard of your SoC
project and am excited to start using it as I use on a regular
daily basis.

I usually just scrobble music from my own local Library, but I also
use the Radio feature a lot. I'm curious if you've been testing your
plugin with the new "indicator-sound" menu enabled in Ubuntu 10.10 to
see how they work together.

Also, just to make this clear, I'm using Rhythmbox 0.13.0 in Ubuntu
10.10 with the default plugin and have not tested yours yet.

A couple things that I've noticed with the current default plugin are:
* Play time is usually 2-3 seconds behind in the menu compared to the
time displayed in Rhythmbox.
* I'm not sure if the original/old plugin fetches the album art from or not, but if it does then it is not properly sent to the
indicator-sound menu to be displayed. If you have time, could you
check your plugin to see that the album art is sent to the menu so it
is used as well?

I'm looking forward to your updates! Cheers!

Kyle Baker

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