Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox: Improved Plugin Weekly Report 9

Hi Jamie,

Looks like you achieved lots of cool stuff for your SoC, congrats :)

2010/7/25 Jamie Nicol <jamie thenicols net>:
>      * There's a few extra features that I could add:
>              * When submitting a song we can tell the source of
>                where the song came from (user's choice,
>                recommendation etc)

Reading about song submissions (this is audioscrobbling right?) made
me think about something that rhythmbox doesn't get quite right now, I
thought I'd mention it in case you get bored... :)
When  you are away from your computer and listen to your iPod, when
you plug it back in rhythmbox, what we can know is "song s0 was played
n0 times, and last play time was at t0, song s1 was played n1 times
and last play time was at t1, ...". So currently, we only submit each
song one time because when the code was written didn't like it
when you submitted several songs played at the same time. Do you know
if these days audioscrobbling server is more flexible in what
it accepts, or do they have some special trick that can be used to
handle cases like that?



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