[Rhythmbox-devel] Dogmazic implemented in Rythmbox

Dear Rhythmbox team,

We work each in the provision of software tools, platforms and content licensed free distribution.

Dogmazic.net is a platform that promotes free artists since 2004 and today ranks among its archives nearly 40,000 freely downloadable titles, classified by genre, incorporating all the necessary metadata and thumbnails to the environment for multimedia applications you develop.

Association Musique Libre! behind this platform offers dedicated access and offering your users the ability to browse its archives with one click from your software environment.

To do so, and if you agree, we are at your disposal to discuss any development about technical or graphic issue which should be considered.

Also, know that we would be happy to integrate into our college of partners and jointly explore the possibility of going beyond a simple database synchronization.

Don't hesitate to disturb us for any informal preliminary discussion which could seem useful.

Pending you read
Accept our warmest regards,

Association Musique Libre !                                                                                         

29, rue Fernand Marin                                     

33000 Bordeaux – France.

+33 6 19 05 43 79

Didier Guillon- Cottard

Contact lyon dogmazic net

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