[Rhythmbox-devel] New Default Rhythmbox Radio Stations

I frequently listen to Absolute Radio while I'm working at my computer
via Rhythmbox. Recently I heard them mention a couple of new stations
and thought they should be included by default in Rhythmbox like the
others are.

I'm not sure if these are installed by default only in Ubuntu or if
they are installed with Rhythmbox in general. If they are installed in
general, the new stations are from Absolute Radio and are listed

Absolute Radio 80s (Broadband)
Absolute Radio 80s (Modem)

Absolute Radio 90s (Broadband)
Absolute Radio 90s (Modem)

As you can see, these are the ogg versions for 80s and 90s radio for
Modem (~32k) and Broadband (~160k). The 90s ogg links are not posted
on the website as of yet, however, I am currently listening to them
and can verify that they are live and working. For more information on
these stations please see:

On that page they state:
"Whilst we broadcast online in lots of different formats to give you
as many options as possible, Absolute Radio fully supports the use of
open, non-proprietary music formats like OGG Vorbis."

So they should continue broadcasting to these links for a long time. I
think these stations would likely be used quiet a bit by Rhythmbox
users and would be a quick and easy way to give users more options by
default. Any opinions or comments?

Kyle Baker

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