[Rhythmbox-devel] gobject-introspection branch

I've just created a gobject-introspection branch for rhythmbox on
git.gnome.org. This contains my current work on replacing the static
python (and maybe eventually vala) bindings with introspected
bindings. What I've done so far:

- generate gobject-introspection gir and typelib files
- remove all pygtk setup code and replace it with pygi setup
- convert all in-tree plugins to at least theoretically work with pygi
(some crash, some just don't work, some are OK)
- start adding annotations to the core code
- attempt to generate vala .vapi files (currently fails dismally)

I'm not expecting to finish this any time soon. It'll probably end up
blocking on replacing gconf with GSettings, I'll probably replace the
current plugin system code with libpeas at the same time, and there
are some internal issues that make introspected bindings difficult, so
I'll probably have to fix those first.

If you're maintaining an external plugin, you might want to take a
look to see what sort of changes you'll need to make when this lands.
This will be a near-total API break for rhythmbox, just like it is for
(py)gtk, and there's no way to gradually switch over.

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