[Rhythmbox-devel] RhythmPnP Plugin

Hi all,

I'm Andrea and I'm the author of RhythmPnP plugin and this message is to
see if there's some interest from the Rhythmbox developers to include
RhythmPnP in the Rhythmbox's standard plugin set.

RhythmPnP is a plugin written in Vala that adds to Rhythmbox the ability
to play music from an Universal Plug and Play media server.

May be there's an overlap with the coherence plugin functionality, but
I'm not sure because it never worked on my system. One thing that I'm
sure is that the coherence plugin will act as a media server too, while
RhythmPnP plugin is just a "client": an UPnP digital media player.

My main intent is to support the Rygel Media Server, that is also the
main server I used to do the testing, but I think that every UPnP server
(version 2) that has search capability should work with RhythmPnP.

Here some more info on:

web site: http://rhythmpnp.googlecode.com
language: vala
main runtime dependencies: gupnp, gupnp-av, libsoup

Like every other vala program RhythmPnP requires the vala compiler only
when compiling it from svn/git and it doesn't require it when compiling
from the distributed tarball. 

In short vala compiler is required just for developing RhythmPnP itself
for the distributors the gcc compiler is enough.

That's all.


If you want to talk with me in IRC my nick is sejerpz

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