Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Widget layout

This is a diagram I made a while ago which should help clear up where the various parts of the UI go:� My understanding of your problem is this: when you make a new notebook page, you have to explicitly add a search box.�

When I add the icon view as a notebook (shown below)


the search bar is not visible

The contents of the current notebook page are packed into the MAIN_BOTTOM location. Thus, when you create a new notebook page and show it, it replaces the entire contents of SHELL_UI_LOCATION_MAIN_BOTTOM.
and when I add using�rb.SHELL_UI_LOCATION_MAIN_BOTTOM the icon view itself is not visible.

Theoretically, it should show up bellow everything that is currently in that location. However, this is probably not what you are going for even if it did show up.
How do I achieve the above layout?�

I would think your best shot would be to go with the new notebook page and manually add the search bar, along with the rest of your UI to the dialog. However, I'm not sure if it is possible to use the current search box in a plugin.


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