Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Libdmapsharing API change?

2010/12/14 W. Michael Petullo <mike flyn org>:
> I have been experimenting with libdmapsharing and Vala. What I have found
> is that there are some symbol name changes to libdmapsharing that would
> facilitate the use of libdmapsharing from Vala. For example,
> libdmapsharing uses "TYPE_DMAP_DB," where the GObject convention is
> actually "DMAP_TYPE_DB."
> I'd like to make these changes to libdmapsharing, but they will break
> source compatibility with Rhythmbox. I am happy to commit the required
> changes to Rhyhmbox Git.

Alternatively, you could have a transition period with some #define
TYPE_DMAP_DB DMAP_TYPE_DB and then remove the #define when software
has been ported to the new API (actually while writing this email, I'm
wondering if this kind of renaming works with macros, so I hope it's
actually possible ;)


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