[Rhythmbox-devel] Libdmapsharing API change?

I have been experimenting with libdmapsharing and Vala. What I have found
is that there are some symbol name changes to libdmapsharing that would
facilitate the use of libdmapsharing from Vala. For example,
libdmapsharing uses "TYPE_DMAP_DB," where the GObject convention is
actually "DMAP_TYPE_DB."

I'd like to make these changes to libdmapsharing, but they will break
source compatibility with Rhythmbox. I am happy to commit the required
changes to Rhyhmbox Git.

Would the primary Rhythmbox developers object if I made these changes? My
plan is to bump libdmapsharing's API version and ensure rhythmbox requires
this version in order to build the DAAP plugin. Unlike last time there
was a version bump, these changes should be very simple and I expect
the process to go smoothly.

Somewhat related, I would be interested in hearing if anyone is
interested in writing Vala code that makes use of libdmapsharing. Any
feedback would help ensure that the changes to libdmapsharing are
sufficiently comprehensive (and mitigate the risk of having to change
again). Libdmapsharing master (GNOME Git) now has a test application
called "dpapview."



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