Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Prevent Rhythmbox from removing unavailable files

2010/12/6 Paul van Tilburg <paul luon net>:
> The same properly holds for hotplug drives that may or may not be
> connectd to your computer.  I was planning to write a "Temporary Source"
> plugin where you could add/remove GVFS URI's as subsources that would be
> browsable like a normal music library, if present.  I have not yet had
> the time.
> Also, in the end this would not be solve the problem of having it
> available in one library, where somethings would be optionally available.

I hacked on that years ago, at that time, the way it was working was
that entries were stored in the library xml file along with their
mountpoint, this way these entries could be restored once the
mountpoint showed up again. I don't know if this is broken or not,
maybe what you are seeing is just rhythmbox checking whether the files
have been modified or not?


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