Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] send notice to idnetica/twitter from rhtyhmbox

 On 08/29/2010 08:55 AM, aliva wrote:
I was working on a plug-in for Rhythmbox to send notice to
because identica and twitter have similar API it will work with twitter
too ( i have only tested

this plugin adds your accounts to rhythmbox toolbar as buttons and you
can send current music information to by clicking on them

get it from here
see a sample notice here:
Wonderfully done! It works perfectly with my Identica account ( I've even made an Arch Linux package of it for AUR (Arch Linux User Repository), but I have a few problems before I submit it:

   * What version should I call it?
   * Should I have it pull the latest version from Git (Arch is awesome
     like that), or a stable package hosted elsewhere? If a stable
     package, what should the version number be? 0.1, 1.0, 0.5...?
   * The plugin description in Rhythmbox is "Something!". It would be
     nice if you fixed this to say something other than... something :P.
   * This part isn't a problem, but I /LOVE/ the edit-before-you-post
     feature. When I used LiveTweeter for Songbird (back before it was
     insanely bloated and buggy and when it supported Linux), this is
     something I've always wanted to do. Adding context to what I'm
     listening to is a great way to not annoy people by giving you more
     of a reason to mindlessly post what you're listening to :P.
   * In my PKGBUILD (the file makepkg on Arch reads to build the
     package), I have it rename the plugin directory to
     "rhythmbox-microblogger". Is this okay with you? I figured that I
     should keep it organized, and the plugin source/plugin window
     still show you as the author.

Keep up the good work! Please respond :)!

    - Ryan Peters

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