Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Is it possible?

On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 15:38 +0000, ManolisKaltsos gmail com wrote:
> Hello and thanks for the time reading this e-mail. I want to suggest
> and know if it is possible rhythmbox to get it's own Music Library
> information, like iTunes.Free CDDB are also great but in many cases
> have mistakes and the form is not universal to every album.I can
> provide information for my CD's (around 25 audio CD's) to this
> database following your standars.Rhythmbox is the greatest music
> player in Linux world and the only thing is missing is the possibility
> to import our music CD library.Sound Juicer can do this but uses Free
> CDDB information and is not always the best thing.

Rhythmbox, just like Sound-juicer, uses Musicbrainz to get its
information about audio CDs. If a CD isn't listed on that website,
recent versions of Rhythmbox and sound-juicer should have menu items and
warnings in the UI to help you add the information to the website.


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