[Rhythmbox-devel] Sync rhythmbox settings and playlists across multiple PCs

Hi crew,

I am planning to move all my music collection on a NAS in order to be "reachable" from two/three different PCs (using rhythmbox) at the same time. However, what I am concerned is the fact that playlists, album covers and contex pane's settings would not be the same. How do you suggest to do?

I thought to create a symlink of album's pictures on a shared folder, so to do not download them every time. The same could it probably be done for context pane's information. Would it be maybe a good idea to create a symlink to all ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox, provided that both PCs will run the same distribution (Debian SID)?

Which, in your opinion, will be the best solution?

Thank you for your suggestions.

enjoy (with rhythmbox), ;)


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