Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.12.4 fails to buil on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.3 LTS

El jue, 03-09-2009 a las 00:05 -0400, John Iacona escribió:
> I don't know how updated they keep the Hardy repos but I got the
> proper version of libsoup from the Jaunty repos.

Yes, Ubuntu Jaunty has the proper version of libsoup, but such version
is not available for Ubuntu Hardy

>  Try running "apt-get build-dep rhythmbox" which should download all
> of the dependencies needed to compile rhythmbox. Otherwise, you might
> want to upgrade to Jaunty.

Exactly that is what I was trying to avoid, change to a newer version of

I tried to compile Glib, libsoup, libproxy, totem-pl-parser from source
code (tar.gz files), but after many hours of work I got many errors on
the process. So it seems that I have no other option than use a newer

Thanks for your time


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