[Rhythmbox-devel] Problems adding songs to Rythmbox

I have most of my music saved in Windows on Itunes and import it in MP3 format for use on Linux. Recently, the music that is imported is somewhat distorted. This has occurred ever since Itunes "improved" their music with higher quality (density) recordings. It is almost as if there is a problem in the codec's.

To accomplish the import, I first burn the music from Itunes onto a CD in CD Audio format (this also serves as my backup). Then, I use the Audio CD Extractor application to copy the music from the CD to my MP3 music folder. The music sounds OK when played from the CD under Windows (both in Itunes and Windows Media Player), but sounds distorted when played under Linux. I have also access my Itunes library directly from RythmBox application and the same things happen.

Is this an already identified problem?

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