[Rhythmbox-devel] generic-player plugin, folder-depth default?

Assuming the .is_audio_player file is not present, what is folder-depth
set to by default?

For my iRiver H340 it defaults to zero, but with a sample size of one
I'm not sure if this is standard for all generic players. Using
rhythmbox in debug mode, I think I've
found the function where it gets set when the override file isn't found
(void mpid_device_debug, file mpid-device.c),
but it seems it's being set from the 'system device database' and I
haven't been able to track that down yet.

I ask because I've written a patch for the generic-player plugin and I'm
attempting to fine-tune it a bit. Currently when copying files to a
removable device, the file structure used is chosen from one of three
options based on the value of folder-depth: 0, 1, or 2, with 2 serving
as the default case.

I've moved default to it's own, fourth option, and use the user-defined
library structure (from Edit -> Preferences -> Music). Seems to work ok
(which is to say, no odd crashes when testing it yet),
but having forder-depth set to zero when it's not defined via the
override file seems like wrong behaviour to me. For any player that
isn't dependent on one specific file structure (most generic ones, as
fas as I know), using the user-defined library structure seems like the
way to go.

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