Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Bluetooth Output to Stereo..

On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 21:47 +0100, Martin wrote: 
> Hi
> Thanks for a great program!
> I have added a USB bluetooth adapter to my laptop (which said 'certified
> for Windows Vista' but worked beautifully from the second it was plugged
> in to my Ubuntu 9.10 system, no driver disks, nothing) and have a
> bluetooth receiver on my stereo. Is it possible to send the audio from
> Rhythmbox via bluetooth to the stereo? (Not using a transmitter plugged
> into the headphone out jack on the laptop but using the USB bluetooth
> adapter.

Install the Pulseaudio Volume Control (pavucontrol). On the Playback
tab, it will detect any running apps using pulseaudio, and you can
select which hardware to direct the output to.

> Regards, Martin.
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