Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How Can I Display Album Art

2009/11/3 Hideyuki Fukui <nqe37003 nifty com>:
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for your assistance.
> The plugin does not work properly with the following album art profile, for ex
> ample.
>  -Artist Name: m-flo
>  -Album Name: The Intergalactic Collection
>  -File Name: The Intergalactic Collection.jpg
>  -Rhythmbox Version: 0.12.5
> As far as the international character concern, my system is working on Ubuntu
> Karmic Koala in Japanese language (all of my mp3 files' ID3 tags have been
> converted to the UTF-8 format though).
> Additional Information: I found that sometime it works, but it takes a couple
> of minutes until the album art is displayed.
> tokyo-joe

I was wrong. I think I know why it isn't working after re-reading of the Python
code for the local cover art more carefully.

It is looking for an image file where the filename contains BOTH the
artist AND the album name. I think it would be enough to check for just
the album name - but I keep all my albums in separate folders.


P.S. Please CC the mailing list.

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