Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [RFC] Multiple library locations

Mats Taraldsvik schrieb:
> Great! Will the libraries appear in separate menu entries also? It would
> be great if one could add a separate library for e.g audiobooks, have
> that entry appear as a separate item in the menu, and rename it
> 'Audiobooks'...

Currently, if you use multiple library locations, there is one "Music"
source which lets you access all songs from all locations. The "Music"
source has got an expander, that, when clicked, will show a separate
source for each library location.
E.g. if you have set the following library locations:
you can access all files from both locations through the "Music" source,
just the files from /home/mats/media/songs through a "songs" source and
just the files from /home/mats/media/audiobooks through an "audiobook"
source, with "songs" and "audiobooks" showing up when the "Music" source
is expanded.
The names of the additional (child) sources are currently derived from
the folder names.
This is all already possible with the stable release of rhythmbox, btw,
my patch just makes those additional sources keep its state (whether to
show the browser or not, where to put the divider between the browser
and the track list) across restarts of rhythmbox.



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