Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Bugs/Issues with Rhythmbox 0.11.x on Debian Lenny

2009/3/24 Ganesh Vaidhyanathan <ganesh_gsd yahoo com>
> I see...
> My 0.02 cents...
> 1. A feature to be able to do what I suggested would be great as users (me included) always update playlist files with new music all the time.
> 2. Also, frequently rhythmbox does not load all the playlist files, a command line option to refresh/reload playlists would be a nice additions. Not sure if there is a way I can do it now, I checked all the command line options and I did not find one.

Maybe you are moving your files around in your disk? When Rhythmbox
starts it checks for the files that are supposed to be in some
location, if you move them or rename them then rhythmbox lost them,
then I guess it remove them from the playlist, because to rhythmbox
they don't exist anymore.

Edgar Luna

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