[Rhythmbox-devel] Plugins for gpodder, streamtuner?


rhythmbox is my favorite music player. I use it everyday but my useflow 
can be a bit bumpy! Here is my story:

1) I use gpodder to manage my podcast selection, about 25 audio-only,
and I use rhythmbox as the player. The interoperability could be improved 
by a plugin so I can browse and play the gpodder podcasts through the 
rhythmbox interface.

Currently I cannot play a podcast until I add it to the rhythmbox library.

2) I use streamtuner for internet radio but unless I add the radio 
station to rhythmbox it won't play. Again, a plugin?

I am not sure how involved those plugins would be or if it could be 
implemented by plugins. Maybe a summer of code project?


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