Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Behaviour of delete on MP3 players

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 11:33 AM, Dave Martin<david airgeadstudio net> wrote:
> Peter wrote:
>> You make some good points, but some people (like me) really do have most
>> of their music on an external hard drive. Perhaps something in the HAL can
>> tell the difference between and external hard driver and a music player?
>> Pete
> Peter
> Does your external drive show up under the "devices' tab in Rhythmbox? My
> understanding is that mp3 player show up under devices but an external disk
> doesn't unless you have a special file in the root (just checked and my
> external drive does not show up under devices). Do you have your external
> drive specified in the music library location or do you treat it like an
> external MP3 player? If you have your main library there we have no problem
> as that would come under the main library rule - move to trash and remove
> options. If you have it come up under devices then maybe we need an option
> for each device to set whether that device uses a recycle bin or does a hard
> delete.

I can't tell you off hand - I'm at a different computer at the minute.

My point was maybe for some devices, retaining the recycle bin makes sense.
Perhaps the "is audio player" flag should be used (via the HAL or the magic
file in the root of the device, I forget the details but it has been mentioned
on the mailing list - I'm sure RB has some mechanism for this).


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