[Rhythmbox-devel] [weekly report] Week 7 - Rhythmbox Context Panel

This week was unfortunately only marginally productive. My week was
taken up with many non-gsoc things like exams. Anyway I did get a few
things done and should be back on track this week.

The things I did get done:
  * Talked with Jonathan and figured out where exactly the project is
going in the second half
  * Polished UI
  * Did some refactoring to clean up the plugin file hierarchy a bit

Things to do:
  * Make everything more slick in general
  * Making things fail gracefully. Currently, I do not check for error
responses or network problems
  * Make a configuration dialog. Configuration options would include
which tabs to show, as well as themes. All theming is currently done
with CSS so it should be simple to support custom themes.


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