[Rhythmbox-devel] Plugin suggestion - translation?

To the point: have you ever considered making a TRANSLATION plugin for Rhythmbox?

I love the fact that artists from all over the world are putting their work together on sites like Jamendo and Magnatune... very creative and cosmopolitan.

I find myself copying and pasting clips to be able to translate meanings and titles, which is fine, but very time consuming.

What if Rhythmbox has a function where the current song info (track, title, author, etc...) could be automatically translated in a pop-up window using either babelfish or google? Add a translate button at the top right corner of the main screen... a valid idea?

Mozilla Firefox has a auto-translate plugin that works quite well (most of the time!)

I realize that creating code and implementing plug-ins for apps is not as simple as it seems, so please don't think for a moment that I'm completely insane! I see problems like your no-longer-possible 3rd party payment through Magnatune and I realize that you guys have your hands full... (good luck with fixing that, by the way)

I'm just a newbie UBUNTU Linux convert that sees massive potential for an operating system that simply makes sense! GNU rulez! (sorry... just had to blurt it out)

Keep up the good work!

regards and admiration;

Jean-Marc Blanchette
Manitoba, Canada

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