[Rhythmbox-devel] [Weekly Report] Week 6: Rhythmbox iPod/MTP Syncing.

Sorry for not mailing yesterday, was driving all day.

Anyway, last week I was working on implementing a GUI, based on input on the previous mock-ups. I will be continuing with that this week. I had scheduled this week to be implementing the iPod code, but because I did my prototyping in the iPod plugin, I will have some extra time this week. I will be putting that extra time towards the GUI interface (which needs it!).

Last week, I:
  - Set up a treeview for the preferences pane
- Spent a while refactoring the RBiPodPrefs object, so that it can track the data needed for syncing.
  - Tracked down a few seg-faults in the treeview/treemodel/querying.

Todo, I have:
  - Implement Sync Preview
- Set up "automatic" syncing. Need to register a callback, for when the library is updated/ipod is loaded.

I've attached a picture of the GUI, so far. I could definitely use input on it. So far, the check-box by "Music Playlists" and "Podcasts" enables syncing of those (i.e. without "Podcasts" checked, no podcasts will be synced) Should it disable all children when it is un-checked? Also, I think it would be good to have a "Sync All Music" and "Sync All Podcasts" options (if there is room on the device), but am not sure how best to handle that. Any suggestions?


JPEG image

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