[Rhythmbox-devel] paths to rhythmdb.xml and other files


I've just committed some changes that affect the location of rhythmbox's
user specific data files, most notably rhythmdb.xml and playlists.xml.
These have moved from the old ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/ directory to the
cross-desktop user data directory, which on unixy platforms is
determined by the XDG Base Directory specification.  In short, you can
now find these files under ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/.

No manual steps are required here.  Rhythmbox will move the files itself
if required.  This does mean that any older versions of rhythmbox that
you run will not be able to find the files, but we don't attempt to
provide backwards compatibility in general, so this isn't really
anything new.

If you have installed any plugins or icons under ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/,
you can move these to ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/ if you enjoy complying with
freedesktop specs.  Rhythmbox won't do this automatically, and the old path
will continue to work indefinitely.

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