Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Music Scheduler for Rhythmbox


Before looking further into it (I think I will), I'd like to point out
what first came to my mind when reading about this.

It would probably be a lot more useful at least for me if combined with
some kind of more flexible tag support that has been discussed earlier.
Just plain genre information usually isn't enough to determine what
suits my mood, and matching music with the kind of mood I want to get
into at a certain time of day is probably what I'd use this kind of a
plugin for.

Other than that it sounds like an interesting idea. It sounds like this
could be a potentially very interesting application for tagging support
if that some day gets designed and implemented properly.

Neskie Manuel kirjoitti:
> Hello Everyone,
> I've written an amateurish Rhytmbox Music Scheduler.  What it does is it
> looks up the database in a flat file to see what hour it is and what kind of
> Genre is associated with that hour.  It then makes a playlist for one hour
> based on that information, which it then adds to the Play Queue.
> It has been working fine for my purposes, but for it to be of widespread use
> it would need quite a bit more work to be done.
>  * Write a GUI interface
>  * Use a python object to store the information and pickle the object for
> saving.
>  * Allow it to be exported to CSV or HTML for posting music schedule on
> Internet
> It needs a lot more work, but if anyone wants to see what I've done, feel
> free:
> Enjoy
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