[Rhythmbox-devel] Some changes for translation in Bulgarian, how to send patches

Hi everyone,

I am currently doing the second round of improving the translation
provided by the Bulgarian team and I am testing it.

I would like to propose some changes, I would like some of the terms to
have textual domains, which would allow me to translate some them

I could make a patch, do I send it here for review?

The impact on the translations would be that several terms will get
fuzzied because of the domains. I think this is necessary not only for
Bulgarian, but also for every language with a case system and/or system
of suffixed (in)definate articles.

The dialog window that prompts this letter is the "New Automatic
Playlist" where the terms for criteria overlap with the sorting and
overlap with terms used in labels in the program and for Bulgarian I
would have to use three different forms of the words. Still - this is
not a problem with just my language - as I mentioned earlier.

Kind regards:

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