[Rhythmbox-devel] libunrest

Hello all,

	I've been trolling through some rb bugs, and I noticed that there is no
library for interfacing with RESTful services like the current
implementations of last.fm, libre.fm, and discogs.com.  So, I started
writing one, which is currently at http://gitorious.org/libunrest and
works to a certain degree (there's a working lastfm demo in the examples
dir, you need to run it as LD_PRELOAD=../src/libunrest.so) and I'm
working on getting discogs.com to work, which involves decoding gzipped
http responses.  I've been trying to use zlib, which is supposed to be
able to infalte gzipped data, but, I cannot for the life of me get it to
work.  It seems to not like having a gzip header.  If anyone can help me
fix that, there should be nothing stopping anyone from adding any number
of web services to rhythmbox (and other programs).


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