Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [Weekly report] Week 11 : Rhythmbox Context Pane

> However, I have a problem: with a 1280x800 screen resolution the context
> panel takes all the available place on rhythmbox window, so that I can no
> longer surf, search or choose another song.
> I don't know if this is an expected behaviour or not. In any case, I'd
> suggest you to add a "Context Panel" button on the toolbar, exactly like the
> "Toggle Dynamic" plugin does in order to activate/inactivate it.

That is odd, I know of a bug which was preventing the context panel
from showing at all (0 width), but I have never seen it take up the
whole window. This is definitely not the expected behavior. You should
be able to resize the panel to make it take up a reasonable amount of
space and the panel size should be persistent between sessions.

I have posted an update which fixes quite a few of the bugs people
have reported to me including:
* Toolbar button: I added a button which toggles the visibility of the panel
* 0 length albums: Some albums from have 0 tracks. I now
filter those out
* Size issues with the side panel: this is still somewhat problematic
but I have a patch which prevents the side panel from getting too
small. I have not, however, figured out how to give it a maximum size.
This bug requires a patch to the rhythmbox core code which can be
found at

The updated plugin files can be downloaded at

John Iacona

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