[Rhythmbox-devel] [Weekly report] Week 11 : Rhythmbox Context Pane

This week I sent out a release version of the context plugin to the devel list to get some input. In doing so, I ran into some bugs which were preventing the styles from being applied under certain versions of libwebkit. Thanks to the input of some friendly testers, I was able to fix the bugs and get everything working properly. I also made things a bit more robust when the information returned from last.fm is not complete.

I also updated the rhythmbox plugin writing guide[0] with a section on how to modify the rhythmbox UI. This section was missing and would have been very helpful for me during the beginning of the program. Thus, I wrote up instructions for how to do some of the things that I struggled with.

The plugin is pretty much feature complete in terms of initial goals. I received some feedback and feature requests that I will try to implement this week but I would consider the current state of the plugin to be where I wanted it to be.

If anyone would like to try it out, I have a tar of the plugin up here[1]. I would really appreciate any feedback regarding features or bugs.

git shortlog --since=8-4-2009
John Iacona (6):
      bugfixes: trying to get the styles to show up on all machines
      small change
      Merge branch 'master' into contextbar
      fixed problem with styles and images not loading locally
      more fixes dealing with the styling issues
      Made xml parsing safer, does not die so hard when the data does not exist

John Iacona

[0]: http://live.gnome.org/RhythmboxPlugins/WritingGuide
[1]: http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~jiacona/soc/context.tar

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