[Rhythmbox-devel] [weekly report] Week 11: Rhythmbox iPod/MTP Syncing

Hi all,
This previous week, I have been working on syncing playlists to the device. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit more complicated than I had anticipated. Primarily, because the Playlists and Tracks need to be transferred seperately (due to the many-to-many relationship between them). Therefore, there needs to be a way to generate a (location independent) UUID for each track, so that tracks on the device can be correlated to devices in the library. I did add the track_uuid function, to start with that. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to finish that. I may revisit it at a later date, because I consider syncing playlists to be an important capability. This week I will be working on throughly testing, debugging, and cleaning up the code for final submission. I will be doing some stress-testing. I am also hoping to put in the final UI touches that need implementing ('sync all' options). It has been great working on Rhythmbox. You've all been very helpful, and supportive. I would love to continue contributing to Rhythmbox.

Thanks again,

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