[Rhythmbox-devel] Fwd: Fixing ReplayGain support in rhythmbox

Whoops, I forgot to hit “reply all”, and this went to Derek and not
the whole list.

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 04:35, Derek Cramer<cramerd gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Calvin.
> Thanks a million for writing this. I've been sorely missing replaygain since
> it stopped working in Rhythmbox. There are some issues though. :(
> Firstly, and most significantly, it doesn't work on my system (Fedora 11 -
> rhythmbox-0.12.3-1.fc11.i586). If the plugin is enabled, playback never
> commences. According to the output of rhythmbox -d, it is playing, but
> nothing happens and as you noted, Rhythmbox will hang if I try to disable it
> while playing.

Hmm. I’m thinking about this, but not much is coming to mind. Any
exceptions in the python code would have been reported on the console
with -d, of course.
One thing you could check, do you actually have the “rgvolume”
gstreamer element installed (use “gst-inspect-0.10 rgvolume” to
check). It’s part of the gstreamer-plugins-good package, so it should
be in Fedora (the licensing is OK).
If it’s not present, I’m not checking the return value of the
gst.element_factory_make, so it might be adding a NULL element to the

> Secondly, and far less significant, there doesn't appear to be a
> replaygain.rb-plugin file in the tarball. I made one myself and it works
> fine so just a heads up.

Whoops, thanks for letting me know. I’ve made an updated tarball with
the .rb-plugin file present in case anybody else wants to try the
plugin (the actual plugin code is unchanged.)

Calvin Walton

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