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Hey Dino,

If I'm not mistaken, the rhythmdb.xml file is located in the ~/.local/share/rhythmbox folder.

You mentioned that you moved your songs from your 'business' system to your 'music' system.  The rhythmdb.xml file *will* have the ratings for each song you had in your library, but those ratings will be associated with a specific File.  Here is a rhythmdb.xml entry for one of my songs:

  <entry type="song">
    <title>Folsom Prison Blues</title>
    <artist>Johnny Cash</artist>
    <album>At Folsom Prison</album>

The <location> entry says that the file resides here:  /media/music/Music/Johnny Cash/At Folsom Prison/01-Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues.mp3

Here's what I'm getting to: If the folder structure for your songs on your 'music' system doesn't match the folder structure on your 'business' system, then the rhythmdb.xml file won't be able to find the actual mp3 files when Rhythmbox is started (because the files will be in a different folder than where rhythmdb.xml thinks they are).

I was in a similar situation earlier this year.  What I did was *backup* the original rhythmdb.xml file from my 'source' system.  With a safe backup, I created a very well-formed 'sed' statement to convert the folder structure to match where my files would be on my 'destination' system.  On the source, everything was in '/home/jdaiker/Desktop/Music/'  on the destination, everything was now in '/media/music/Music'.

Remember to backup your rhythmdb.xml file before you start messing with it, though.  I've been known to e-mail it to myself. ;-)

Hope I didn't make that too confusing for you. :-P


On 08/05/2009 06:00 PM, Dino wrote:

Where are the star ratings maintained on a system running Ubuntu 9.04 and Rhythmbox 0.12.0?

My library is small (now), 861 MP3 songs.  Each is rated from 3 to 5 stars.

A note on the web for version 0.11.8 suggests that that data is in ~./gnome2/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml.  However, rhythmdb.xml doesn't exist anywhere on my system.  In fact ~./gnome2/rhythmbox is empty even when viewed via Midnight Commander (mc) which is not shy about hidden files.

Searching "File System" for "rhythmdb" via the Places/Search for Files ... option produces no results.  So ... I guess they are not still stored in rhythmdb.xml.

This is important because I have decided to create a dedicated audio/visual machine for recording, editing, organization, etc.  Moving the songs from my "business" system to my "music" system via a USB memory stick was a snap.  But, the ratings do not come with them.

Where are they kept?

Thank you.

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