Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Plug-in to insert a 2-second pause between each track in a playlist

> Rhythmbox emits signals when certain events occur, such as starting a track, etc. You >can have a function that gets called when the signal for finishing a song is emitted (if >there is one) which does what you want. I don't know the specifics, but check the GTK >and pyGTK documentation for more details.

Thanks for your reply Adam, I had a look at the PyGTK webpage but
without any Rhythmbox-specific tutorials it's hard to know where to

Anyhow I have a solution that works 99% of the time using
rhythmbox-client and a bit of Perl, code is attached.

A kludge really but it works. A plugin solution would be ideal but
right now it's too hard to be interesting anymore. If I do get
interested again it will be by looking at other plugins that do
similar things and seeing how those authors do it.


Description: Perl program

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