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Hello. :)

Your 2rd idea is something I'm also interested in as well.  Let me add one other bit though.  When you have identical songs, we should be able to "promote" the best song from the list of duplicates.  What I mean is this, let's say we have song X by band Y.  Band Y has released some greatest hits albums, remixed albums etc and a number of them have the same song in it.  However, one of these duplicates has the best song/rip whatever and you prefer this version the best.  You can promote the song as the one that always plays when this song comes up among its duplicates.  I think it would be an unique and interesting feature that other music players don't have.  I haven't quite worked out the UI part, that might be a bit difficult, but I believe it should hide all the others and only have among all the common albums. 

I don't understand your 3rd point, which is to sync your device automatically.  Also why can't this be done by something like Conduit?  The 4th one seems to be part of the 3rd.

I'm assuming you mean, Christophe Fergeau not Cristophe, as I have no idea who that is.


On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 3:11 PM, pyrhho <pyrhho gmail com> wrote:
Hi All,
  My name is Paul Bellamy, and for the Google Summer of Code this year, I will be working on Rhythmbox's iPod and MTP capabilities.  I thought I should introduce myself on here, and mention my goals for this project.

  My goals are:
     - Revamp the Rhythmbox iPod/MTP interface, so that it is easier and more intuitive to use.
     - It should be able to recognize "identical" songs, and track new/removed songs.
     - It should be able to 'sync' your device, automatically (or on command).
     - Sync-ing backend should be as unified as possible between MTP and iPod players.

  My mentor is Cristophe.  I've started reading documentation, and going over code, and am getting excited. :)

I look forward to working with you all,

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