Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Some ideas for work with iPod, and non-utf encodings

Thank you for explanation. I will try to explore rhythmbox code and provide my idea about encoding normalization plugin in code prototype.

Pavel Shuvalov.

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Hello Pavel,

Pavel Shuvalov a écrit :
So, i propose
implement function for scrobbling listened tracks from iPod to
In UI it can be simple item in context menu for iPod icon. This can be
done as new plugin, or improvements in existing module, i think.

Rhythmbox already scrobble iPod songs when you plug in an iPod.

2.Some time ago i faced problems in copying music in flac format from my
library to iPod. I think, that on-fly encoding(using lame or sox) is a
great feature for Rhytmbox.

Rhythmbox already transcodes songs during transfers to media devices

Overriding default encoding for id3
tags was discussed some time ago, but i want propose things, that i used
in iTunes. In iTunes you can select item in track context menu named
«Convert to UTF», and iTunes will convert tags in UTF8.

Not sure we want to have such a thing in Rhythmbox UI.

I think, that Mojibake in tags is not only russian
problem, and it is possible to introduce some plugin, that will help
users to normalize encodings of there files.

Ah, I guess it makes sense as a plugin. Dunno how the UI would like though ?

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