Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Some ideas for work with iPod, and non-utf encodings

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Hello Pavel,

Pavel Shuvalov a écrit :
> So, i propose
> implement function for scrobbling listened tracks from iPod to
> In UI it can be simple item in context menu for iPod icon. This can be
> done as new plugin, or improvements in existing module, i think.

Rhythmbox already scrobble iPod songs when you plug in an iPod.

> 2.Some time ago i faced problems in copying music in flac format from my
> library to iPod. I think, that on-fly encoding(using lame or sox) is a
> great feature for Rhytmbox.

Rhythmbox already transcodes songs during transfers to media devices

> Overriding default encoding for id3
> tags was discussed some time ago, but i want propose things, that i used
> in iTunes. In iTunes you can select item in track context menu named
> «Convert to UTF», and iTunes will convert tags in UTF8.

Not sure we want to have such a thing in Rhythmbox UI.

> I think, that Mojibake in tags is not only russian
> problem, and it is possible to introduce some plugin, that will help
> users to normalize encodings of there files.

Ah, I guess it makes sense as a plugin. Dunno how the UI would like though ?

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