Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Where to start

2008/10/19 Philip Herron <herron philip googlemail com>:
> I have just been looking at this feature request,
> I might start to look at this. But i think its the kind of feature it would
> be best to discuss how it would integrate into the application. Though
> thinking about it now it may been a little too much for me at the start.
> But i might give it ago and just take my time at it. So basicaly is it an
> extra button in the tab on the left in this view have a button or
> side panel that display's your profile like the way amarok display's
> wiki info on bands?

Trying to get the patch attached to that bug to apply and compile
should give you a first idea about how that could work ui-wise ;) I
agree that it might be a bit too much work for a first contribution.
On the other hand, it shouldn't interact too much with other rhthmbox
code which can be good for learning.

Welcome onboard :)


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