Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox & Pulseaudio

* Scott Castaline (hscast charter net) wrote:
> I seem to have a problem with pulse audio crashing and it seems to be 
> only with rhythmbox. I've tried other apps that utilize pulse audio and 
> I don't seem to have the problem. When pulse audio crashes, rhythmbox 
> will hog the CPU. I have a dual core AMD and top will register rhythmbox 
> consumes about 137% causing everything to slow up. Any suggestions? 
> Anybody else run into this? I am running Fedora 9 uname -r = 
> Rhythmbox = 0.11.6

I've had it occasionally fail on Ubuntu Hardy, but as of Ubuntu Intrepid
beta that I'm currently running it's a lot more flaky; it's only really
Rhythmbox that uses Pulse at the moment - I often wonder if the problem
is due to something else trying to use the raw alsa device.

I found today doing a pasuspender /bin/cat    and then ctrl-ding the
cat got rhythmbolx back to life.

<sigh>yet another audio daemon</sigh>

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