Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [Plugin Development] How to Manage Entries in the RhythmDB ?

On Sat, 2008-05-24 at 13:11 +0200, Mats Taraldsvik wrote:
> Hi!
> I've added the save_to_disk attribute. I couldn't set it from Python.
> I'm trying to add an mp3 file to the database with
> shell.get_property("db").entry_new( entry_type, 'file://' +
> file_to_add ) 
> This does work, but the file is added to the database as <date>0</date>
> and <mimetype>application/octet-stream</mimetype>.
> I want Rhythmbox to (recognise the file as an mp3 file and) find tags,
> and mimetype x-id3... how can I achieve this?

from './metadata/rb-metadata-common.c
 * RBMetaDataField:
 * @RB_METADATA_FIELD_TITLE: Title of the recording
 * @RB_METADATA_FIELD_ARTIST: Person(s) responsible for the recording
 * @RB_METADATA_FIELD_ALBUM: Album containing the recording
 * Metadata fields that can be read from and written to files.

So, is this how one can access a file's metadata, and then write it to
the RhythmDB / RhythmDBEntry, then?

Is there currently a way to access this with Python? If it is, please
point me to the right function - despite looking for hours, I can't find

If there is no way to do this in Python, please confirm this, and I'll
be happy to try to add the bindings. 

> Regards,
> Mats Taraldsvik
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