Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Portable Device Plugins... Options?

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 10:17:03AM -0700, Micah Carrick wrote:
> My girlfriend just bought a Sansa View MP3 player. I can get files 
> transfered over just fine using either Usb Mass Storage mode or MTP mode 
> in Rhythmbox with the available plugins. However, there is not control 
> over where the files are placed.
> Ideally there would be some configuration that would allow me to specify 
> the folder structure on the target device (Artices/Album/Track - Song) 
> and allow me to optionally copy the cover art from 
> ~/.gnome2/Rhythmbox/covers/ to the target directory as folder.jpg or 
> album_art.jpg.
> I dont' see that this is already implemented, am I correct?
> I have written plugins for gedit and rhythmbox seems quite similar, 
> however, I don't have much time. I'll probably end up writing a simple 
> script to copy files over from a playlist file or something since it's 
> the quickest thing I can think of. But if anyone knows a better way or a 
> quick hack, I'm all ears.


I am not sure about the cover art problem, but you may be able to solve the
folder structure problem with a .is_audio_player file. With that you can
specify where the audio folders reside.

Lee Aylward

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