[Rhythmbox-devel] Portable Device Plugins... Options?

My girlfriend just bought a Sansa View MP3 player. I can get files transfered over just fine using either Usb Mass Storage mode or MTP mode in Rhythmbox with the available plugins. However, there is not control over where the files are placed.

Ideally there would be some configuration that would allow me to specify the folder structure on the target device (Artices/Album/Track - Song) and allow me to optionally copy the cover art from ~/.gnome2/Rhythmbox/covers/ to the target directory as folder.jpg or album_art.jpg.

I dont' see that this is already implemented, am I correct?

I have written plugins for gedit and rhythmbox seems quite similar, however, I don't have much time. I'll probably end up writing a simple script to copy files over from a playlist file or something since it's the quickest thing I can think of. But if anyone knows a better way or a quick hack, I'm all ears.

- Micah Carrick

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