[Rhythmbox-devel] Logitech G15 Plugin

I've hacked together a quick-and-dirty plugin for RB that outputs the
current song to the Logitech G15 LCD display. You can see what I'm
talking about at

Anyways, the plugin requires g15daemon and g15compose, which handle the
communication with the LCD. g15compose should be running and getting
input from a pipe at ~/.g15fifo-<username>. It then pipes out the song
info to that pipe, which g15compose then sends to the LCD. It's very
rough around the edges, but I thought I'd post something on it since I'm
sick of Amarok having a cool plugin when RB doesn't.

A tarball is attached with the current version. Installation is just
like any other plugin, put it in one of the RB plugin directories and it
should work just fine. No configuration options (yet). Any suggestions
would be welcome.

-Eli Ribble

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