Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Status of the GDA/SQLite backend

On 26/01/2008, jonathan d14n org <jonathan d14n org> wrote:

> The GDA backend might once have worked in the 0.8.x series, but it
> won't even compile now.

Then it's not only my machine where it doesn't compile :-)
If nobody is using it or working on it, why not 'svn rm' it?

> I don't think there's anything to be
> gained by using a relational database for on-disk storage instead of
> the current xml format.

Nothing wrong with the xml format. At least for local storage.
Just had the following idea: Suppose you have a server in your house
that runs mythbackend (and therefore MySQL) and stores the music. The
already running mysql server could be a nice way for several RB
clients to manage one single music database.
I believe you can already do that with amarok.


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