Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] jump-to-playing plugin

Glad to hear it's being used!  :)

Of course, I'd be tickled if it went into the core, but I don't believe it's quite ready for that.  This is pretty new territory for me (gtk, python, gconf, etc), so it is likely quite sloppy under the hood and implemented in odd ways.  Peer review is definitely required.  Some concerns from the top of my head:

* the gconf keys in gconf-editor say they have no schema.  I haven't looked into what that means... but other plugins' keys have a schema and don't give a warning... so it can't be good.
* it currently adds/removes the ui string when the options are toggled in the configure dialog.  I have a feeling it might be better to only add/remove them in the activation/deactivation, and just hide/show here.  Faster maybe.
* it currently hides the browser button in small display mode.  That has nothing to do with the jump-to-playing button.  *That* should be in core.
* to hide the buttons in the small display, it checks the value at activation, and it connects to the View menu's toggleButton's "toggled" signal.  So whenever it's toggled, the gconf value for the small display mode is checked, but I think there's a delay sometimes.  Pushing Ctrl D quickly a few times  may result in incorrect UI presented.
* in the context menus, 'properties' should really be the last item.  They need a placeholder, I guess.
* also, placeholders should not be displayed if they are empty.  This would prevent a seperator from displaying between a button and an empty placeholder.

I guess there's a few bugs in RB in that list I should file....

On Jan 13, 2008 10:32 AM, giopas <linux giopas eu> wrote:
Steven Brown ha scritto:
> For anyone interested, the most basic RB plugin in existence has a new
> version.  yay  :)
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Thnx Steven,

I'm already using it since the first release. :)

Now, since I think it's quite mature ( :D ) it could maybe be put in
rhythmbox core sources... I would not see any problem if you agree and
rhythmbox team too...

enojoy, ;)

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